Teachers' Books

Teachers' Books ・ 2020

Under the basic concepts of modern mathematics


■ Author: Jürgen Jost
■ Turn over: Shimizu Yuji
■ Publishing Yuan: Maruzen Publishing ■ Day of Travel: 2020/1/25

ヨ シ ヤ の 改革 —Religion of Deuteronomy and イ ス ラ エ ル


Authors: David Tabb Stewart, Adam L. Porter
■ Editor: Lu Enshuo
■ Published by: Boying News Agency ■ Next day: 2020/1

Advanced Technology and Regulation

■ Author: Terada Mayu
■ Publishing Yuan: Jincao Study ■ Next Day: 2020/1

Diversity and Inclusion in Global Higher Education-Lessons from Across Asia


Author: Catherine Shea Sanger, Nancy W. Gleason
■ Sharing and writing: Nishimura Nakamura, Yokote Hitomi (very hardworking lecturer), he ■ Publishing Yuan: Palgrave Macmillan
■ The next day: 2020/1
■ ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド: Book PDF

Teachers' Books ・ 2019

Les dévots de France, de la Sainte Ligue aux Lumières. Militance et réseaux


Editors: Serge Brunet, Éric Suire
■ Sharing and writing: Takoko Yamamoto , he ■ Published by: Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux
The next day: 2019/12

Medaka: Biology, Management, and Experimental Protocols, Volume 2


■ Editing: Kenji Murata, Masato Kinoshita, Kiyoshi Naruse, Minoru Tanaka, Yasuhiro Kamei
■ Sharing: Shepherd Kobayashi , he ■ Published by: Wiley-Blackwell
The next day: 2019/11

キ リ ス ト 教 で た ど る ア メ リ カ 史


■ Author: Morimoto あ ん り ■ Publisher: KADOKAWA
The next day: 2019/11/21

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Multilingualism


■ Author: ク ェ イ, ス ザ ン ヌ , he ■ Published by: DeGruyter
The next day: 2019/10/8

Religion and Nationalism in Asia-Political Theories in East Asian Context-


■ Author: シ ャ ー ニ ー, ジ ョ ー ジ ア ン ド レ ア , Kibe Hisashi
■ Publishing Yuan: Routledge
■ Next day: 2019/9/17

リ ベ ラ ル ア ー ツ と い う fluctuation

■ Author: Ito Tatsuhiko, Morishima Taise
■ Published by: Academic Research Courses ■ Next: 2019/9/3

On the basic concepts of modern mathematics


■ Author: Jürgen Jost
■ Turn over: Shimizu Yuji
■ Publishing Yuan: Maruzen Publishing

Lectures on the Origin of "Others" の ー ル ル 赏

■ Author: ト ニ ・ モ リ ス ン ■ Narration: Morimoto あ ん り
■ Turn over: Arid こ の Published by: Shueisha ■ Day: 2019/7/17

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Foreign Relations Law


Editor: Curtis A. Bradley
■ Sharing and writing: Hiroshi Matsuda ■ Publishing Yuan: Oxford University Press
The next day: 2019/6/7

Story and History―The Kings of Israel and Judah in Context


■ Editor: Lu Enshuo
■ Sharing Writing: Sano Yoshiyuki , He ■ Publishing Yuan: Mohr Siebeck
Next day: 2019/6/1

Open and Distance Education Theory Revisited

■ Editor: Zheng Renxing
■ Publishing Yuan: Springer
The next day: May 31, 2019

Jiang Qi Literature Story


■ Editor: Hiroaki Nagashima ■ Sharing and writing: Kenei Yanai and others ■ Publishing Yuan: Literary Communication ■ Next day: 2019/5/22

Introduction to Law


■ Author: Mayu Terada , Hiromi Matsuda , Masaaki Hiroshi ■ Publishing Yuan: Hokushu Publishing ■ Next day: 2019/4/2

イ ギ リ ス 革命 和 変 容 す る "Religion"-Political and Cultural History of Heresy


■ Author: Nasu Jing
■ Publishing Yuan: Iwanami Bookstore ■ The next day: 2019/3/26

Questions on the Establishment of the Old Testament


■ Author: Lu Enshuo (ロ, ウ ン ソ ク)
■ Publishing Yuan: Japan Education Publishing Bureau ■ Day: 2019/3/1

Predictive Society-"Science's Words"


■ Editor: Tomiko Yamaguchi , Masato Fukushima ■ Publishing Yuan: University of Tokyo Press Conference ■ Next day: 2019/2/26

Rethinking Peace


■ Editor: シ ャ ー ニ ー, ジ ョ ー ジ ア ン ド レ ア , オ ル バ ー グ, ジ ェ レ マ イ ア L. He ■ Published by Rowman & Littlefield International
The next day: 2019/2/19

The Forefront of Urban Administration: Prospects of Law and Political Science


■ Editor: Yayoi Kusatsu ■ Sharing and writing: Mayu Terada , he ■ Published by: Japan Review ■ Next day: 2019/2

Meiji, こ の フ シ ギ な 代 3 (Selected Books of Shindaisha 91)


■ Editor: Kenai Yanai
■ Sharing and writing: Kishi Yu (Researcher of the Asian Culture Research Institute), he ■ Publishing Yuan: Xindian Press

Teachers' Books ・ 2018

Global Politics


Editors: Jenny Edkins, Maja Zehfuss
■ Sharing writing: シ ャ ー ニ ー, ジ ョ ー ジ ア ン ド レ ア
■ Publisher: Routledge
■ Day of Travel: December 20, 2018

Doing Liberal Arts Education: The Global Case Studies (Education Innovation Series)


■ Editor: Nishimura Naoko , Minao Minaki
■ Sharing and writing: Jung In Sung , Kyung Hye Kyung , キ ム, ア レ ン , Eda Sanae , Iwata Yuko , he ■ Published by Springer Singapore
■ Day of Travel: 2018/12

Teaching English at Japanese Universities


■ Editor: デ ー デ ン, ポ ー ル他 ■ Published by: Iwata Bookstore

Forgotten memory


■ Editor: Takashi Kawamoto ■ Published by: Tsukihata Society ■ Day of Travel: 2018/10/10

Japan's new security partnerships


■ Editor: フ ォ ッ セ, ヴ ィ ル ヘ ル ム M. He ■ Sharing and writing: ナ ギ, ス テ ィ ー ブ ン R. He ■ Published by: Manchester University Press
■ Day of travel: 2018/10/1

Religious Boundaries for Sex, Gender, and Corporeality (Routledge Studies in Religion)


Editors: Alexandra Cuffel, Ana Echevarria, Georgios T. Halkias
■ Sharing: エ ス キ ル セ ン, ス テ ィ ー ブ ン ブ ー ド 他
■ Publishing Yuan: Routledge Studies in Religion
■ Day of Travel: 2018/9/4

は じ め て の 选 挙 権 - 年 若 き 友 に


■ Author: Chiba Sunda
■ Publishing Yuan: Nanxun Society ■ Day: 2018/9/1

The Age of Heresy——Orthodoxy


■ Author: Morimoto あ ん り
■ Published by: Iwata Bookstore ■ Day of Travel: 2018/8/21

Underground Facility


■ Author: サ イ モ ン ズ, ク リ ス ト フ ァ ー EJ
■ Publishing Yuan: Isobar Press
■ Days of travel: 2018/7/14

The Communication Ecology of 21st Century Urban Communities


■ Editor: Zheng Zhu Yong and He ■ Publishing Yuan: Peter Lang Pub Inc; New Edition ■ Days: 2018/6/29

Vocabulary! [vol.1] -University of Science and Technology ~


■ Author: 桜 木 と も み他 ■ Publishing Yuan: く ろ し お publishing ■ 発 行 日: 2018/6/7

Poverty, Law, and Divine Justice in Persian and Hellenistic Judah (Ancient Israel and Its Literature)


■ Author: Lu Enshuo
■ Publishing Yuan: SBL Press
■ Day of travel: 2018/4/20

"Today" Memory and History of Modern Iris

Prof. Ikomabook

■ Editor: Hanoi Ayako ■ Sharing and Writing: Ikoma Natsumi ■ Publishing Yuan: Cailiusha ■ Day of Travel: 2018/4/24

World Study of Stage Brass

Prof. Iwakiribook

■ Author: Sawada Zhao ■ Writer: Masahiro Iwaki ■ Published by: Published by SUP Sophia University ■ Day of Travel: 2018/3

圏 と 加 群

Prof. Shimizu_book

■ Author: Shimizu Yuji
■ Publishing Yuan: Asakura Bookstore ■ Day of Travel: 2018/3/15

Introduction to Qualitative Research

Prof. Iwata_book

■ Author: プ シ ュ カ ラ プ ラ サ ド Supervisor: 箕 浦 康 子 ■ Sharing and translation: Iwata Yuko , Fujita ラ ウ ン ド luck , he ■ Published by: ナ カ ニ シ ヤ Published ■ Date: 2018/30

Teachers' Books ・ 2017

Japan に お け る Stateless Persons-Investigation of Type Theory-


■ Author: Akiyama Akira (post-doctoral course) he ■ Walking person: National Liaison Refugee High Officer (UNHCR) Office in Japan
ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド はこ ち らか ら

Seduced by Japan: A Memoir of the Days Spent with Angela Carter with "Her Side of the Story" written by Natsumi Ikoma


■ Author: Created by Araki ■ Contributor: Natsumi Ikoma
■ Published by: Yingbao News Agency ■ Day of Travel: 2017/11/30
■ Grid: 2,500 yen + tax

[シ リ ー ズ] Corporate theorem of Religious Country ア メ リ カ の 企业 理


■ Author: Morimoto あ ん り
■ Publishing Yuan: NHK Publishing ■ Next Day: 2017/11/10
■ 価 格: 780 円 + tax

Developing EU-Japan Relations in a Changing Regional Context: A Focus on Security, Law and Policies


■ Editor: Ryoko Ueda
■ Publishing Yuan: Routledge
■ The next day: 2017/10/2
■ 価 格: £ 106

Teacher Education Research


■ Editing: Japan Teacher Education Association ■ Sharing and writing: Sato Chitsu ■ Publishing Yuan: Xuewensha ■ The next day: 2017/9/25
■ Grid: 6,000 yen + tax

ジ ャ ン ・ ジ ロ ド ゥ 〈1〉 ト ロ イ 戦 争 は 起 こ ら な い


■ Author: ジ ロ ド ゥ ジ ャ ン ■ Turnover: Iwaki Masaichiro
■ Publishing Yuan: Hayakawa Study Room ■ The next day: 2017/9/21
■ 価 Grid: 950 円 (tax)

思 い 通 り に 相 手 を 动 か す English か す ー メ ー ル 20 の 鉄 则 —— ビ ジ ネ ス メ ー ル に Confidence!


■ Author: ブ ル ッ ク ス, ダ ニ エ ル ジ ェ ー ム ス , Kobayashi Makoto ■ Published by: ダ イ ヤ モ ド ド 社 ■ 発 売 日: 2017/9/14
■ 価 格: 1,600 yen + tax

デ ィ キ リ ・ デ ィ キ ン ス ン ア メ ジ ス ト の Memory


■ Author: Onishi Naoki
■ Publishing Yuan: Cailiu Society ■ Next day: 2017/8/31
■ 価 格: 1,700 yen + tax

Canadian Music and American Culture: Get Away From Me (Pop Music, Culture and Identity)


■ Editor: Yuno Iino, Tristanne Connolly
■ Sharing and writing: サ イ モ ン ズ, ク リ ス ト フ ァ ー ー J
■ Publishing Yuan: Palgrave Macmillan; 1st ed. 2017 edition ■ Next day: 2017/7/14
■ 価 Grid: 12,616 円

Introduction to Kabuki


■ Author: Kenai Yanai
■ Publishing Yuan: Xinchaosha ■ The next day: 2017/6/23
■ 価 格: 1,200 円 + tax

Corporate governance


■ Author: Noriko Yoshimura, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Hiroyuki Ito, Yuyuki Hiromi
■ Publishing Yuan: Central News Agency ■ Next Day: 2017/6/15
■ 価 格: 2,400 yen + tax

Apocalypse Deferred Girard and Japan


■ Editor: オ ル バ ー グ, ジ ェ レ マ イ ア L.
■ Publishing Yuan: University of Notre Dame Press
■ The next day: 2017/6/15
■ 価 格: $ 50

If the person's 形成 リ ア formation ス キ ル の gains employability, upward, ア ト レ プ レ ナ ー シ ッ プ の 育成 へ


■ Author: OECD
■ Supervisor: Fukuda Tetsuya ■ Publishing Yuan: Akashi Bookstore ■ Next: 2017/5/26
■ 価 格: 3,700 円 + tax

Multilingualism A Very Short Introduction


■ Author: マ ー ハ, ジ ョ ン C.
■ The next day: 2017/5/25
■ 価 格: £ 7.99

Case Study of Psychotherapy 30


■ Edited by: Fujiko Nozomi, Nishimura Nishimura , Tadaka Takihiko ■ Published by: Chuangyuan Press ■ Next: 2017/4/3
■ Grid: 3,024 yen (tax)

History of pain and emotion


■ Editor: Ito Takeshi, Goto Amami (same student, graduated in 1997)
■ Writer: Nasu respects him ■ Publishing Yuan: Tokyo Foreign Studies University Press Conference ■ Next day: 2017/3/31
■ 価 格: 2,600 yen + tax

"His history of painful and emotional の イ ギ リ ス" に 子 す る, the following の イ イ ト で ご 覧 い た だ け ま す.
Kii country house bookstore KINOLINE

Student Culture and Identity in Higher Education


■ Editors: Ambreen Shahriar, Ghazal Kazim Syed
■ Writer: Miyahara Manjuko ■ Published by: IGI Global
■ Next day: 2017/3/27
■ Grid: $ 185

Northern Expedition and Western Expedition-Research on the Early History of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom-


■ Author: Hideki Kikuchi
■ Publishing Yuan: Jigu Academy ■ Next day: 2017/2/22
■ 価 格: 12,000 円 + tax



■ Author: Kenai Yanai
■ Published by: Kazunarisha ■ The next day: 2017/2/14
■ 価 格: 3,000 円 + tax

Meiji, こ の フ シ ギ な 代 2 (Shindensha Selected Works 84)


■ Author / Editor: Kenai Yanai
■ Publishing Yuan: Xindiansha ■ The next day: 2017/2/13
■ 価 格: 1,000 円 + tax

Postwar Japan: Growth, Security, and Uncertainty Since 1945 (Csis Reports)


Editors: Michael J. Green, Zack Cooper
■ Writer: Junto Saito ■ Publishing Yuan: Center for Strategic & Intl Studies
■ The next day: 2017/2/2
■ 価 格: $ 74 (ハ ー ド), $ 34 (ペ ー パ ー), $ 32 (ebook)

EU and Japan's Information and Communication Legal System: The Development of Technology and Regulations and Institutions


■ Author: Terada Mayu
■ Publishing Yuan: Jin Cao Study ■ Next Day: 2017/1/31
■ Grid: 3,500 yen + tax

The founding background of the Old Testament instruments


■ Author: Lu Enshuo (ロ, ウ ン ソ ク)
■ Publishing Yuan: Japan Education Publishing Bureau ■ Day: 2017/1/25
■ Grid: 4,320 yen (tax)

Teachers' Books ・ 2016

The future and language of speech revival [Minority Language Revitalization]
Theoretical Investigation and Case Study [Contemporary Approaches] (Japanese-English Edition)


■ Editor: Takagi Kiyoshi, マ ー ハ, ジ ョ ン C.
■ Published by: Sanyuansha ■ Next day: 2016/12/28
■ Grid: 4,000 yen + tax

Reflective Practice as Professional Development


■ Author: Atsuko Watanabe
■ Publishing Yuan: Multilingual Matters
■ The next day: 2016/12/15
■ 価 格: £ 99.95, $ 169.95, € 139.95

青 を 着 る 人 び と


■ Author: Ito Aki
■ Published by: Toshindo ■ Next day: 2016/11/30
■ 価 格: 3,500 円 + tax

Japan's Japanese Journalism: Principles and Innovations


■ Editor: Tadao Nobuo, Kozo Yamada ■ Writing and sharing: Yusuke Hagiba ■ Published by: You Fei Court ■ Day: 2016/11/24
■ 価 格: 2,600 円 + tax

Essential Competencies for English-medium University Teaching


Editors: Ruth Breeze, Carmen Sancho Guinda
■ Sharing Writing: Fukuda Tetsuya ■ Publishing Yuan: Springer
■ The next day: 2016/10/14
価 Grid: € 74,96 (ebook), € 89.99 (Hardcover)

よ く わ か る ヘ ル ス コ ミ ュ ニ ケ ー シ ョ ン


■ Editor: Ryoko Ikeda, Noriko Igarashi ■ Published by: ミ ネ ル ヴ ァ Study ■ 発 売 日: 2016/9/30
■ 価 格: 2,400 yen + tax

Habitus fidei-Die Überwindung der eigenen Gottlosigkeit


■ Editors: Jeremiah Alberg , Daniela Köder
■ Publishing Yuan: Schoeningh Ferdinand Gmbh
■ The next day: 2016/8/15
■ 価 Grid: € 49.90

"Empty Blue and Tonaka Yokkaichi Pollution"


■ Author: Yata Aya Pear (マ ン ガ)
■ Editor: Ryoko Ikeda and Santo Ito ■ Published by: く ん ぷ る
■ 価 格: 1,000 円 + tax

の の 好 き な エ ミ リ ・ デ ィ キ ン ス ン の 诗


■ Editor: Toshiichi Nigura ■ Sharing and Writing: Naoki Onishi ■ Publishing Yuan: Jinxingtang Co., Ltd. ■ Next Day: 2016/6/20
■ 価 格: 2,700 円 + tax

Courtship and Sexual Behavior

c5117 (1) .jpg

■ Editor: Shepherd Kobayashi , Ishio Ozawa, Yuzaka Tokata ■ Publishing Yuan: Sang Huafang ■ Next Day: 2016/4/29
■ 価 格: 2,100 円 + tax

通 訳 に な り た い ゼ ロ か ら め ざ せ る 10 の 道


■ Author: Matsushita Kasai
■ Publishing Yuan: Iwanami Bookstore ■ The next day: 2016/4/20
■ 価 格: 820 円 + tax

リ ベ ラ ル ア ー ツ は <Earthquake Disaster, Revival> and ど う 向 き 合 う か


■ Author: Murakami Aya, Nishida Masahiro, Kato Aya Tsuko , Nishio Takashi , Omori Sawa , Yamaguchi Tomoko , Hagiwara Yuki, Murakami Yoichiro
■ Editors: Kato Ayako , Yamaguchi Tomoko
■ Publishing Yuan: Fengxingsha ■ The next day: 2016/4/14
■ 価 格: 2,300 円 + tax

Liberal Arts Education and Colleges in East Asia


■ Editor: Zheng Renxing , Nishimura Naoko , Minao Minaki
■ Publishing Yuan: Springer
■ The next day: 2016/3/22
■ 価 格: 10,978 円 + tax

グ ロ ー バ ル 人材 と は WHO か: 若 者 の 海外 経 験 の 味 を


■ Author: Kato Ayako , Kaki Moto Shingo ■ Published by: Aogesha ■ Day: 2016/3/5
■ 価 格: 2,600 円 + tax

Examining Lay People's Responses to Risk:
Knowledge Politics and Technoscience in the Asian Context
Science, Technology and Society


■ Editor: Tomiko Yamaguchi
■ Publishing Yuan: Sage Publications
■ The next day: 2016/3

Relations between Major Factors and Regulations of Sports Action in Adolescence


■ Author: Anshi Shimizu
■ Publishing Yuan: Fengjian Study Room ■ Next day: 2016/2/15
■ Grid: 5,000 円 + tax

EU Global Strategy Expert Opinion


■ Author: Ryoko Ueda
■ Publishing Yuan: EU Institute for Security Studies
■ The next day: 2016/2/4
ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド はこ ち らか ら

Meiji, こ の フ シ ギ な period


■ Author: Kenai Yanai
■ Publisher: Xindiansha ■ Next day: 2016/1/29
■ 価 格: 1,500 円 + tax

History of University Library Staff: History of Japan's Establishment and Education


■ Author: Tonegawa Kumiko (staff)
■ Publishing Yuan: Jin Cao Study ■ Next Day: 2016/1/22
■ 価 格: 7,000 円 + tax

Teachers' Books ・ 2015

Daily test え る コ ミ ュ ニ ケ ー シ ョ ン 学

■ Author: Ryoko Ikeda
■ Publishing element: ナ カ ニ シ ヤ publishing
■ 発 行 : 2015/12/25
■ Eligibility: 2,000 yen + tax

The OSCE Asian Partnership for Co-operation: Reflections and Perspectives


■ Author: Ryoko Ueda
■ Publishing Yuan: European Security Agency (OSCE)
■ 発 行 : 2015/11/5
ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド はこ ち らか ら

Introduction to Japanese Language Education


■ Editor: Yoko Tateoka ■ Sharing and writing: Mitsuko Ozawa ■ Publishing Yuan: Koko Publishing
■ 価 格: 2,400 yen + tax

『い ま 、「 水 俣 」を 伝 え る 意」 Masahara Harada lecture


■ Author: "Water Margin" を 子 ど も た ち に 伝 え る ネ ッ ト ワ ー ク, Ikeda Ryoko , Tadaji ■ Published by: く ん ぷ る ■ 発 行: 2015/9/30
■ 価 格: 1,000 円 + tax

Memory and movement of space and place


■ Editor: Hideki Endo, Kentaro Matsumoto ■ Writer: Ryoko Ikeda ■ Publisher: ナ カ ニ シ 発 Published ■ 発 行: 2015/6/30
■ Grid: 2,700 yen + tax

Emerging Self-Identities and Emotion in Foreign Language Learning: A Narrative-oriented Approach.


■ Author: Masuko Miyahara
■ Publisher: Multilingual Matters
■ Law: 2015/6/15
■ 価 格: £ 89.95, $ 139.95

Comparative Analysis on Universal Primary Education Policy and Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Cases of Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda


■ Editor: Keiichi Ogawa and Mikiko Nishimura
■ Publisher: Sense Publishers
■ 発 行 : 2015/6/5
■ Grid: $ 54.00 (Paperback), $ 99.00 (Hardcover)

Statelessness Treaty and Japan's Domestic Law-Contacts and Separations

< Japanese version >

■ Author: Xiyuan Xiu
■ Publisher: Guolian Refugee High Officials Office (UNHCR)
■ 発 行 : 2015/5/21
ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド はこ ち らか ら

< English version >

■ Turnover: Akiyama Zhao (Graduate student)
ダ ウ ン ロ ー ド はこ ち らか ら

宇宙 学 の 宇宙


■ Author: Iwata
■ Publisher: Japan Publishing House ■ Publishing: 2015/4/25
■ 価 格: 2800 円 + tax

Hiring habits in Japan


■ Author: Yashiro Shanghong
■ Publisher: Japan Press Press ■ Publisher: 2015/4/23
■ Eligibility: 2,000 yen + tax

き く ・ し る ・ つ な ぐ Yokkaichi Pollution Slang slang り 継 ぐ "Yokaichi Pollution Forgetting れ な い た め に" Records of citizens and soil lectures


■ Editor: Mito Ito ■ Writer: Ryoko Ikeda ■ Publisher: Wind Media Agency
■ 価 格: 2,000 円 + tax

The Political Theory of Equality-"Taste of Equality" (A Political Change of Political Theory)


■ Author: Nobuyuki Kibe
■ Publisher: Fengxing She ■ Publishing: 2015/2/27
■ Grid: 3500 円 + tax

Anti-intellectualism, the true body of "fever"

51hs + yJ9Q5L.jpg

■ Author: Morimoto あ ん り
■ Publisher: Trendy Book Selection ■ Travel: 2015/2/20
■ Eligibility: 1,300 yen + tax

The International Trend of Educational Segregation-シ リ ー ズ ー ネ ス コ International Education Policy Series 8


■ Author: ノ エ ル ・ マ ク ギ ン, ト ー マ ス ・ ウ ェ ル シ ュ ■ 訳 · Narration: Nishimura Kenko, Sakioka Yuichi ■ Publisher: Toshindo
■ Eligibility: 1,200 yen + tax

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